Bleach 248 | Dragon of Ice and Dragon of Flame! The Strongest Showdown!

Hitsugaya and Hyorinmaru from Bleach 248

Hitsugaya and Hyorinmaru

With Muramasa controlling Ryujin Jakka, the shinigami are left and trapped by the a wall of flame surrounding them. Every attempt to get out results to failure. Although Yuroichi found an opening underground, someone sealed it the moment she got through.

They learned from Captain Commander that Muramasa was heading to Karakura Town in the real world to release his wielder. Muramasa’s shinigami master, Kouga, at one point revolted against Seireitei. With Muramasa’s ability it threw soul society in turmoil.

In the real world, Muramasa arrives near the location of the seal. Hiding nearby was Orihime. Seeing that Muramasa was suffering, Orihime decided to heal him. When Muramasa wakes up, Ishida and Sado arrives.

Back in soul society, Ichigo is still trying to get out. Just when he was about to be burnt to a crisp, Hitsugaya and Hyorinmaru came to the rescue. With their Bankai, Hitsugaya and Hyorinmaru froze the flame surrounding them for a moment and gave Ichigo a chance to escape.

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2 Responses to “Bleach 248 | Dragon of Ice and Dragon of Flame! The Strongest Showdown!”

  1. Jay Yanuaria says:

    I missed a lot of episodes already.. who is Muramasa?

  2. joveck says:

    Muramasa started the Zanpakutou rebellion. Basically the main antagonist of this arc.