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Several hundred years back, the number of rebels are increasing in Soul Society. Kouga and Genrei Kuchiki are watching the battle happening below them. Unwilling to discuss and study the situation, Kouga joins the battle. Using his Zanpakutou Muramasa, he used his enemies’ Zanpakutou against them.

His name became famous among other shinigami after taking care of tens of rebels on his and being part of the Kuchiki house as a son-in-law. He continues to suppress the rebels but Genrei doesn’t seem to acknowledge what he’s doing.

Genryuusai Yamamoto formed a special squad that will work directly under to wipe out the remaining rebel forces and appointed Kouga as captain.

Just when the civil war was over, some shinigami planned to kill Kouga. Muramasa materialized and used his ability to materialize other Zanpakutou. After their enemies were defeated, he got framed and arrested for killing his fellow shinigami.

Genrei told Kouga the decision for his punishment. It turns out that the top brass has a problem with his Zanpakutou going out of control. Just after Genrei left, Muramasa materialized and freed him from his cell.

Now in present time, Kouga woke up. Kouga suddenly stabbed Muramasa with what’s remaining of his broken sword.

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