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Kouga and Muramasa on Bleach 251

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Soul Society, right after Kouga escaped from his cell, the three who planned Kouga’s fall were having their celebration. They were drinking and laughing when they received a surprised visit from Kouga himself.

Meanwhile, Ginrei received news that Kouga escaped from prison and what happened to the three involved in the incident. With this he confronted Kouga only to be attacked by Muramasa. He managed to survive by using a barrier to shield his heart.

Kouga continued to slaughter every shinigami he encounter. Ginrei, being the only shinigami whose most familiar with Kouga’s power formed a plan with Yamamoto to seal Kouga.

Ginrei tried talking to him but Kouga was blinded by his own power and couldn’t hear any of Ginrei’s word. Clashing swords with Ginrei and Yamamoto doesn’t seem to work so Kouga tried calling Muramasa but nothing happened, Muramasa wouldn’t respond. Ginrei took this chance and they started the sealing. Kouga keeps calling for Muramasa with no response.

In the real world, after being stabbed by Kouga, Muramasa learned that Kouga called for him when he was about to get sealed, but he never heard Kouga. Kouga still angry of what happened to him, attacked Muramasa but Byakuya appears and blocked the attack.

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