Bleach 252 | Byakuya, the Truth Behind his Betrayal

Byakuya in Bleach 252

Byakuya's Zenbonsakura Kageyoshi

After Byakuya arrives and rescues Muramasa from Kouga, Kouga immediately recognizes Byakuya as from the Kuchiki house while Ichigo and Rukia are left confused over what’s really happening. Zenbonsakura told them what he knows.

It turns out that Byakuya was told about the Zanpakutou Muramasa and his master Kouga by his grandfather, Ginrei, and if his seal should ever be broken it is the duty of the head of the Kuchiki house to kill him.

Before the fight between Byakuya and Kouga starts, Muramasa offered his power. Kouga answers by breaking his already broken sword saying he don’t have to use an unstable sword like Muramasa. This caused Muramasa despair and made him lose control of his reiatsu. Menos which he kept inside him started popping up.

While Ichigo and Rukia handles the Menos, Byakuya and Zenbonsakura takes care of Kouga. Using one of the sealing items used to seal him against Byakuya, this episode displays some impressive sword fights and later on some Kidou.

When Kouga found himself in a situation where Byakuya was behind and about to give the finishing blow, he uses a special power. He sends his reiatsu to his enemy and throw off all of their five senses. He gains control of what his enemy perceives.

Even with his sensory perception thrown off, Byakuya is unmatched using his bankai. Using Zenbonsakura Kageyoshi, he performs his duty as head of the Kuchiki family.

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