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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 30 | The Ishbal Annihilation Campaign

fullmetal alchemist 30
burn baby burn

Hawkeye tells the story of the Ishvalan War to Ed while he was returning the gun he borrowed from her. Simultaneously, Marco tells his version of the Ishvalan War to Scar who demanded so. How the war started, the extermination and the end. The roles the State Alchemists played and the true reason for the war. Everything about the Isvalan War is here.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 29 | A Fool’s Struggle

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood 29

I'm hollow, you fool!

Losing their recent battle, Envy escorted the Elric brothers to Wrath. Upon entering to Wrath’s room, they were surprised to find King Bradley and one other guest, Mustang. Finding the truth about the military, Edward wanted to quit from being a state alchemist but Bradley threatened Winry. Meanwhile, Al took May to the doctor where Ran Fan is also a patient. Unable to hold thier grudge against each others clan, they caused quite a ruckus trashing the place. While Ed was wondering around the city, a thought came to him that they could get thier bodies back without the philosopher’s stone.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 28 | Father

fullmetal alchemist 28

wow, cool... now get off me!

Al meets the humoncolus’ Father, Fullmetal, Ling and Envy escapes from Gluttony’s stomach and Scar learns the truth about the Ishvalan war. A new Greed is created in expense of Lings’ body. Scar confronts the humoncolus’s Father of what he learnt earlier but proved to be too much for them all.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 27 | Interlude Party

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood 27

some wind and this scene is perfect

This episode show a lot of what has happened before. A summary of the series in Hohenheim’s dream, a new opening as well as ending. You could say it’s a turning point in the series and something is about to happen.