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One Piece 431 | The Trap of Jailer Saldeath – Level 3 Starvation Hell

luffy caught in One Piece 431

i am monkey

The guards found a big hole large enough for the sphinx to fall through. While they were busy looking down, they found themselves surrounded by prisoners who got out from their cages. Some of the guard learned that the intruder, Monkey D. Luffy and the top-security prisoner awaiting execution, Portgras D. Ace are brothers.

In Level 3, Luffy and his companions is woken up by the heat in a desert like place. They started walking trying to find the stairs while conserving their strength. A little later they found cages with half dead prisoners. Unknown to them, they were being watched and about to enter a trap.

One Piece 430 | The Imprisoned Shichibukai! Jimbei, Boss of the Sea

sphinx on One Piece 430

a lion or an old man?

After meeting Mr. Three, they were chased by Manticores, lions with human faces that keeps imitating human voices, in Level 2. Along the way Mr. Three learned Luffy’s insane idea to rescue his brother Ace and thought he could use him to distract the beast guarding the stairs.

One Piece 429 | Decisive Battle! Luffy vs. Largo

back to formation from One Piece 429

back to formation

With Luffy, Zoro and Sanji free from their nets thanks to Boss, now it’s time for showtime. They start by freeing Boss, the giant beetle. Then separating Largo from the Amigo Pirates for a one on one battle with Luffy. The rest handled the remaining pirates.

With Largo’s No Shock Net Body, Luffy’s attack are ineffective no matter how many he throws. Using his body as his net, Largo captured Luffy. Using Gear Third, Largo’s net just wasn’t big enough to contain Luffy’s giant technique. In the end, Largo got sandwiched between Luffy’s giant pistol and his ship.

One Piece 428 | Fierce Attack of the Amigo Pirates

i'm out on One Piece 428

i'm out

While the rest of Luffy’s crew are losing for the 69th time to Robin on their game of cards, Luffy was busy trying to get free from the net created by the Amigo Pirates. Unfortunately, Zoro and Sanji also got caught and all three of them hanging helplessly on a tree branch. It turns out that the enemy’s devil from ability is to turn anything he ingest to a nets.

One Piece 427 | Little East Blue Targeted

sea urchin luffy?

sea urchin luffy?

Nami followed Luffy and the others to Kanson Island. She was then greeted and accompanied to Little East Blue by the unofficial Nami fanclub. Meanwhile, Luffy and the rest of the crew on the island are enjoying their familiarity bringing back memories from their home town.

The Amigo Pirates arrives with the giant beetle as their target. They took the island under siege and demands for the beetle. Luffy after finishing his meal interrupted Colt. Soon Zoro and Sanji joins in. Suddenly Luffy got caught in a needle net made by Colt’s older brother.

One Piece 426 | The Golden Lion’s Ambitions Start to Move

giant big red beetle

giant big red beetle

This episode gets a new opening and is not part of the main story. And is rightly titled “Special Linked to the Movie”. It takes place before Luffy and Shiki meets.

While fishing a giant beetle came flying and attacked them. They all grabbed it its feet. They were then flown to a small island. Surprisingly, surprising because it’s supposed to be a deserted island, there was a small town called Little East Blue where people from East Blue gathers.

One Piece 425 | The Strongest Man in the Prison! Enter Poison Man Magellan

how luffy prepares dinner

how luffy prepares dinner

Luffy and Buggy in Level 2 – Wild Beast Hell of Impel Down. The level where all the wild beasts from hell roams freely. The first two was small fry, a boar then a mantis. next a chicken rather a Basilisk that hatched from a chicken’s egg.

The guards finally figured out the other person with Buggy. Hancock meets Chief Warden Magellan, the poison man.