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One Piece 424 | Break Through! Crimson Hell – Buggy’s Big Flashy Plan

alladin and the magic carpet

alladin and the magic carpet

Buggy and Luffy continues their Impel Down adventure bringing down several Blue Gorilla aka Brugolis along the way. While buggy was attempting to continue with his escape he noticed something. The bracelet on Luffy’s arm is the map to Captain John’s treasure that Buggy has been looking for. So Buggy agreed to lead Luffy to the next level in exchange for the bracelet. Meanwhile, Hancock continues her descend to meet Ace.

One Piece 423 | Reunion in Hell!? The User of the Chop Chop Fruit!

one piece 423


Started out with a lot of flashback. Luffy begins his search for Ace thanks to Hankock helping him to run around in Impel Down. With 5 levels deep, he’s gonna take a while before he can reach Ace. While he was breaking in, Buggy was trying to break out of jail. Because of Buggy’s character the guards were alerted and started looking, blowing Luffy’s cover in the process; not that he can hide there without being discoverd anyway. And thus, they found themselves being chased around by Blugoris.

One Piece 422 | A Life-threatening Break-in! Breaking Into the Underwater Prison Impel Down

one piece 422

hairy snake?

Luffy and Boa Hancock with their marine escort Momonga finally arrives at the most secure prison Impel Down. They were greeted by the vice warden Hannyabal. They were then guided by vice jail manager Domino to be searched unknowing to them that Luffy is hiding under Hancock’s cloak.

One Piece 421 | The Friends’ Whereabouts – The Negative Princess and the Devil King

one piece 421

you should move to this side

Luffy continues his journey to impel down with Hancock. While Zoro landed on an island with the Negative Princess, Brook became satan on another. The marine headquarter is preparing for the war with Whitebeard, assembling all thier best assets from well known marines to the Shichibukai. They are gathering every one of them.