Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 31 | The Promise Made For 520 Cenz

give my 520 Cenz! back!

give my 520 Cenz! back!

After Ed left and learned about Ishbal from Lieutenant Hawkeye, he met with Al and told him everything. Realizing that there’s something different from Xing’s Eastern Alchemy and Scar’s alchemy from their alchemy, they decided to look for Shao May with the little panda as their lead. Unable to find her anywhere, Mustang arrives and drives them somewhere. Along the way, Mustang brought out Ed’s 520 Cenz debt but Ed promised to return it after Mustang became the Fuhrer President.

At doctor Nox place, Ran Fan’s grandfather arrives to collect his granddaughter.

In some other place, Kimblee got released from prison. Envy picked him up and told him his mission to search for Marcoh who escaped with Scar.

It turns out that Scar wanted Marcoh’s help in deciphering his brother’s research documents.

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