Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 33 | The Northern Wall of Briggs



Kimblee investigates the place where Scar could have jumped off and disappeared. Suspecting Scar was heading north, he found signs of transmutation on the mountain rocks confirming his theory.

Ed and Al arrives at the North City.

Kimblee receives new information of Scar climbing a transport headed for Briggs. Kimblee goes in himself using another train and jumping aboard the transport. After recognizing each other, Scar got filled with rage. Scar seriously injure Kimblee with an iron pipe piercing his left abdomen. Realizing his situation, Kimblee separates the train and escapes leaving Scar behind.

Olivier Mira Armstrong

Olivier Mira Armstrong

Shao May and Marcoh gets closer to the location scar pointed out. Ed and Al is also getting closer to the Briggs fortress. On their way, they encounter Captain Buccaneer who though they were Drakman spies. Ed notices his automail not working well and got caught. Briggs security shows up with guns pointing at them, they were closer to the Briggs wall than they thought. Then, a female voice was heard coming from up the wall, Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong, Major Armstrong’s sister welcomes them to Briggs.


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