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Ice Queen from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 34

Ice Queen

Ed found himself in the infirmary close to getting frostbite due to his regular automail. Afterward, he got questioned by Major General Armstrong regarding their visit. Leaving out the details about the Fuhrer and the Homunculus, he told their story and their journey to get their bodies back. So, they get to stay because of the Major General’s interest in Xing technology and its use against Drakma.

After their talk, Major Miles, a soldier with Ishbalan blood found them some work to do. As soon as they started removing icicles, Warrant Officer Falman arrives who was actually in charge of removing the icicles and was sent there by the Northern Headquarters.

Later, Falman gave them the tour of the fortress. On the lowest level of Briggs, a couple workers heard some digging underground. The sound got closer and Sloth, a homunculus, surfaced from underground. Bullets are found to be ineffective against him and tanks do very little damage.

With Ed unable to reveal any more information other than its body composition, Major General Armstrong, got a plan to stop the homunculus.

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