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prepare yourself

Major General Armstrong executes her plan to stop the homunculus from doing any more damage. Using tanks, they push Sloth to the elevator going to the lower level. They poured north-blend fuel on him before kicking him out of the fortress. With the north-blend fuel that vaporizes even in extremely low temperatures, it absorbs Sloth body temperature combined with the blizzard and freezes him all the way to his brain.

Ed and Al wakes up in a cell while Major Miles visits Kimblee at the hospital. After Major Miles left Lieutenant General Raven arrives with a mysterious doctor well-versed in alchemy.

Marcoh and Shao May continues their study of the documents  regarding Eastern alchemy. Eastern Alchemy uses the vein of the dragon or the power running through the earth while Amestris’ Alchemy uses the energy created by tectonic movements. But May feels this is coming from thousands of people squirming about rather than energy created by tectonic movements.

Ed and Al with Major General Armstrong enters the tunnel that the homunculus was digging. After some distance, Major General Armstrong demanded to know every information they were holding back. While in there, they discovered what the tunnel was for by patching up pieces of information about conflicts that happened around the country. This turns out to be a transmutation circle covering the whole country and their country was created for this circle.

Lieutenant General Raven arrives at Briggs. With Ed’s suggestion, Major General Armstrong tricked Lieutenant General Raven into telling about an immortal army.

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