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family portrait from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 36

the elric family portrait

13 years ago, when Ed and Al were young, their father Hohenhiem is bothered by his body unable to age while he watch his sons grow everyday. One day Trisha invited a photographer to take their family portrait. That night he decided that he would like to grow old with Trisha and his kids but found something troubling. Early next morning he left without saying goodbye.

In Briggs, they sent an advance unit to check the underground tunnel while Raven offered Major General Armstrong an immortal army. Weighing her options, a knock on the door was heard suddenly. It was one of the soldier reporting that something happened with the advance unit.

Solf J. Kimblee, the Crimson alchemist met the the Elric Brothers for the first time while being transferred to another cell.

The Major General and Raven arrives at the opening near the tunnel and heard the news of what happened to their platoon. She was about to send a rescue party but Raven ordered to return the Homuncolus to the tunnel and seal it instead.

Scar and Yoki arrives at Marcoh and Shao May’s location but have to switch location because Briggs have already found their place.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 36

the killing blow

Days later and the sealing of the tunnel was almost complete. Major General Armstrong killed Lieutenant General Raven and made him part of the drying concrete.

When Kimblee heard of the news that Raven was missing, he got happy saying he got permission from the Fuhrer to act independently if something happened to Raven.

After the Elric Brothers heard that Major General Armstrong killed Raven, they received a visit from Kimblee who brought a guest. To their surprise it was Winry.

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