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a philosopher's stone in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 37

a philosopher's stone

Four men walks along Briggs, supposedly bodyguards for Winry Rockbell who’s switching Ed’s automail for northern type.

Meanwhile, Major General Armstrong sent another team to search for the missing advance team using the entrance created by the Fullmetal Alchemist. They found what’s left of the advance team cut up to pieces and two scared survivors.

In Central City, Lieutenant Hawkeye delivers some documents to the Fuhrer President’s house. Suddenly she sensed a strong presence, she looked beside only to find Selim Bradley, the Fuhrer President’s Son. Later she found out that Selim has no blood relations to the family.

While walking out, she heard a voice behind her hidden in the dark, it was again Selim Bradley. Sensing a power that can hardly be compared to that of Gluttony, she can do nothing but stand there while the shadows reach her.

Pride in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 37

Selim Bradley is Pride

Pride, The First Homunculus was the name she got from Selim Bradley. Somehow she talked her out of danger leaving a small cut on her face and the fear that Pride will always be watching her from the shadows.

In Briggs, Kimblee laid out the task to Ed as the Fullmetal Alchemist. First is to search for Scar. Second is to look for Doctor Marcoh presumably escaping along with Scar. And the third is to carve a bloody crest in Briggs just like Ishbal. To give Ed something to think about he showed him a Philosopher’s stone.

With Kimblee nearby, Ed told Winry that she’s a hostage and the orders given to him as a human weapon by the higher-ups.

With everything settled, Ed accepted the job starting with Scar with the pretext to avenge Winry’s parents. Al then explained that Ed is only trying to find Scar to get in touch with the girl from Xing. Winry thought of something managed to tag along for the search.

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