Naruto Shippuuden 135-136 | The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo Sharingan

mangekyu from behind from Naruto Shippuuden 135-136

mangekyu from behind

NARUTO Shippuuden SPECIAL: ~End of the Cycle! The Brothers’ Reunion~

The first part tells the story of the two brothers before the incident. Itachi is part of the ANBU and is assigned a top secret mission on the night of the Uchiha clan meeting. The next day, Itachi is confronted by member of the Konoha Police Force. mostly also members of the Uchiha clan, regarding the suicide drowning of Uchiha Shisui, Itachi’s closest friend. When Itachi figured that they all suspect him, he got angry and beat them all. Itachi’s father also the Captain of the Police Force arrives. When the captain was about to order an arrest, Sasuke came out, suddenly Itachi calms down and apologizes to the Police.

Later that night, Itachi massacres all members of the Uchiha clan except for one. Sasuke returns from his shuriken training and found his brother standing beside his mother and father. Confused of what’s happening Itachi uses the Mangekyu Sharingan on Sasuke. Itachi allowed Sasuke to live because he believed that Sasuke is capable of awakening the Mangekyu Sharingan and become the third Uchiha to do so. He also told the location of the clan’s secret meeting which lies the true purpose of the Uchiha clan’s dojoutsu.

“What do you see with that Sharingan of yours?” was the first greeting after Sasuke arrived at the designated location. The battle between the Uchiha brother starts [awesome fight scenes]. Just when you thought someone was winning, but actually they haven’t even moved yet, they’re only using genjutsu.

Sasuke wanted to know the third Sharingan user Itachi mentioned before. Uchiha Madara, the same name the Nine Tails said when he got in Naruto’s mind. He is also one of Konoha’s founding fathers, the first person to awaken the Mangekyu Sharingan, the first man to tame the Kyuubi with his eyes and the only one to unravel the final secrets of the Mangekyu Sharingan.

According to Itachi, Madara has a younger brother. They’d always compete with each other to find out who’s stronger. They both awakened their Sharingan. They continuously competed with each other refining their abilities. They both obtained the Mangekyu Sharingan. With the power of their eyes, they took control of the Uchiha with Madara as head. Madara soon ended up loosing his light. Unable to do anything, he reached out for a new light. He pulled out both eyes from his brother. Madara gained a new light, the Eternal Mangekyu Sharingan. Using his power, Madara took control of every clan he encounters and later formed an alliance with the Senju clan of the forest, who were known as the strongest of the shinobi clans, and form a new orgnization. However, Madara and the Senju Leader aka the First Hokage began a quarrel of how their new village should be run. Though he lost, he remains alive and later formed Akatsuki and stayed behind its shadows.

To surpass Madara, Itachi aims to kill Sasuke and get his eyes. Itachi’s Mangekyu against Sasuke’s hatred, whose illusion will turn to reality.

Their actual battle starts with countless shuriken thrown at each other [another awesome fight scene]. After awhile Itachi manages to pin Sasuke on the wall and gets one of his eye.

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