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fire burned by amaterasu

fire burned by amaterasu

Itachi was about to pluck out Sasuke’s other eye when Sasuke used his cursed seal pushing Itachi away from him. Itachi took this chance to put the eye he got to a container giving his clone a chance to grab Sasuke from behind. Itachi once again tries to get Sasuke’s other eye but Sasuke fully transformed to his cursed seal form dispelling Tsukoyomi, Itachi’s strongest genjutsu, in the process.

With Sasuke breaking through Tsukoyomi, genjustu battle became meaningless, Itachi shifted to physical attack. But before he could finish forming his seals, Sasuke attacks with a rigged Kage Shuriken injuring Itachi.

Sasuke follows with his fireball jutsu, Itachi jumping to the roof. On the roof, a fireball battle continues. Just as Sasuke got the upper hand, Itachi uses Amaterasu, a black flame that burns the target until it’s completely eradicated, extinguishing Sasuke’s fire. Even though Sasuke tried to avoid Amaterasu, he got caught and burned.

As Itachi was about to check Sasuke’s body, it disintegrates revealing a crack on the roof. Sasuke used Orochimaru’s technique to create a replacement and used this chance to use Katon:Gouryuuka no Jutsu (Great Dragon Fire) making a big hole in the roof. With both of them almost out of chakra, Sasuke’s prepares his last attack.

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