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With their battle nearing the end, Sasuke unleashes his final attack, Kirin. Instead of using his chakra for energy, he utilizes the enormous energy of the atmosphere and then use it for a Lightning Element Technique. Sasuke commanded the lightning and guided it to Itachi.

Sasuke already exhausted believed it was over but Itachi stands. He used Susano’o, his last card to defend against Sasuke’s Kirin attack. In addition to Tsukoyomi and Amaterasu, another technique was born when Itachi gained his Mangekyu.

Sasuke tried to use his remaining chakra even though he had none left which caused Orochimaru’s chakra to break free. Orochimaru attacks with his serpent technique, but Itachi was untouchable. Orochimaru shows himself from one the snake but was immediately cut by the Blade of Totsuka, also known as the Long Sword of Sakegeri and is said to contain the power of sealing, which he was searching for all his life. The blade holds an incredible sealing technique and is the ultimate counter to the Sword of Kusanagi. Anything and everything it pierces gets trapped in a dream like genjutsu for eternity.

With Orochimaru out of the picture, Itachi focuses on Sasuke. As he was about to get closer, he started coughing up blood and temporarily loses control of Susano’o. Sasuke took this chance and thrown an explosive but got repelled by Susano’o’s shield.

As Itachi came closer and closer, Sasuke keeps throwing what he has but keep getting repelled by the shield which is one the spirit items called the Yata Mirror that repels everything.

When Itachi was about to reach for Sasuke’s eyes, he said something and smiled. His fingers got closer and closer to Sasuke’s eyes but all they did was touch his forehead like what he used to do when Sasuke was still young. Itachi collapsed on the ground leaving a trace of blood on Sasuke’s face and Susano’o vanished.

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