Naruto Shippuuden 139 | The Mystery of Tobi

Rasengan to Tobi on Naruto Shippuuden 139


Nothing seem to work against Tobi as the team from Konoha tried to capture him with one technique to another. To them, Tobi is just playing. Kakashi figured Tobi is using a technique that’s unique to him, so they tried Shino’s secret techniques. But Tobi disappears and the insects that were tracking his chakra lost him completely.

Tobi appears again behind them followed by another member of Akatsuki, Zetsu. Who brings the outcome of the battle between Sasuke and Itachi. As Tobi and Zetsu were about to leave to get Sasuke, Kakashi saw Tobi’s sharingan.

Tobi arrives first to where Sasuke and Itachi fought followed by Zetsu and took Sasuke and Itachi’s corpse. Zetsu then appears before Kisame and Sasuke’s team.

Konoha arrives at the scene and found only what’s left after the battle. They were too late.

Sasuke opens his eyes in an unfamiliar place, one of Akatsuki’s hideout. Tobi shows himself from the darkness wanting to talk about something but Sasuke doesn’t show much interest. Tobi decided to introduce himself first. Amaterasu suddenly activates at the sight of Tobi’s sharingan. It seems Itachi transferred Amaterasu along with his other ocular powers into Sasuke just before he died. This was to keep Tobi away from Sasuke and in order to protect him.

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