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uchiha vs senju from Naruto Shippuuden 140

uchiha vs. senju

Sasuke can’t believe what he’s hearing. Itachi was trying to protect him. As Tobi a.k.a Madara continues to tell the truth about Itachi on this revealing episode of naruto shippuuden.

The only one’s who know the truth about Itachi were Danzou and the Third Hokage along with the advisers Homura and Koharu. With the Third Hokage gone, only the three knows the truth and they’ll never speak such a disgrace.

When Sasuke awake, he found himself tied up. Madara continues, Itachi slaughtered their entire clan and left the village as a mission assigned to him by Konoha. Itachi became a sacrifice whose fate is connected to the past.

Eighty years ago, in an era of warring states where shinobi were nothing but clans acting as armed militias being hired to fight for different countries. Two clans were considered the strongest, the Uchiha clan and the Senju clan of the forest. The Uchiha clan had exceptional chakra, sharingan, and well versed in battle.

After Madara gained the perfect Mangekyu, he became the clan’s leader and ended up fighting countless battles with the Senju clan. Fighting Senju Hashirama of the Wood Element and later known as the First Hokage was inevitable.

If one country hired the Senju their enemies would hire the Uchiha. Then the Senju asked for a truce and the Uchiha agreed. Soon after, their shinobi alliance made a pact with the Fire Country who needed help in controlling their territory. This is how the system of one village one country began and how Konoha and Fire Country began. Other countries followed adapting the same system and the fighting lessened.

There was a dispute who was to become the First Hokage. Madara wanted leadership of Konoha but his clansmen turned their backs on him. He left the village, a man betrayed by all. Insisting on revenge he fought against the entire village but defeated. At the place now known as the valley of the end, everyone thought he died.

Hashirama’s younger brother, the Second Hokage, assigned the Uchiha a special position to assure that another traitor would never appear again. He established the Konoha Police Force.

Something occurred that would completely destroy the Uchiha, the Kyuubi’s attack sixteen years ago. It is said that only the ocular powers of the Uchiha can tame and control the Kyuubi and Konoha’s superiors suspected that an Uchiha was behind the incident. They thought the Uchiha were planning a rebellion to take the seat of power.

Afterwards, they were monitored by ANBU and forced to live in a small corner of the village. Their lack of trust gave rise to ill feelings and suspicion turned to reality. The Uchiha planned a coup d’etat. Konoha’s superiors planted a spy within the Uchiha and that spy was Uchiha Itachi.

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