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Sasuke, surprised by the fact that Itachi was a double agent and that Fugaku, his father was the mastermind behind the coup d’etat. Madara continues why Itachi betrayed the Uchiha on this episode of naruto shippuuden.

At the age of four, Itachi witnessed the death of countless people at the Third Ninja war. After that he detest conflict and became a man who loved peace. He placed the stability of the village before anything else, and worked for the sake of peace. A ninja who loved his village and didn’t want to be tied down by obligations to his clan. The village elder exploited that, and they would need a Sharingan to oppose the Uchiha.

Itachi was forced to make a painful choice to betray his clansmen. However, should a clan like Uchiha spark a civil war, Konoha and Fire country would be thrown in chaos. Other countries would use the opportunity to invade and cause the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Itachi made the decision to bring down the clan with his own two hand because he had no other choice. Madara was also waiting for an opportunity to start a war. But Itachi noticed. Itachi demanded to meet and laid out conditions. He would help him exterminate his clansmen but wouldn’t touch the village. The Third worked towards a settlement with the Uchiha and resumed talks but time ran out.

After the mission, he pleaded with the Third Hokage to protect Sasuke from Danzou and the elders. Itachi threatened Danzou that he’ll reveal the village’s information to other countries if he laid a single finger on Sasuke.

He was worried about Sasuke but couldn’t reveal his true feelings. When he left the village he’d already decided that he’d die while fighting Sasuke and he’d be able to grant him a new power.

He carried the weight of his crime all by himself. He joined Akatsuki to keep a close eye on a dangerous organization for the sake of the village.

During the fight, he had to drive Sasuke into a corner to free him from the Curse Seal and the death of someone close will awaken the Sasuke’s Mangekyu Sharingan.

Itachi killed everyone but couldn’t bring himself to kill his little brother. To him, Sasuke’s life was more precious than the village he gave everything up for. In his dying breath he was always thinking of Sasuke to give him a new power. He had to fight and die before Sasuke’s eyes. So when he fell, Sasuke would be praised as a hero in Konoha.

new sharingan from Naruto Shippuuden 141

Sasuke's new sharingan

With this truth, Sasuke shed his team’s name Hebi and became Taka with one goal, to crush Konoha.

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