One Piece 425 | The Strongest Man in the Prison! Enter Poison Man Magellan

how luffy prepares dinner

how luffy prepares dinner

Luffy and Buggy in Level 2 – Wild Beast Hell of Impel Down. The level where all the wild beasts from hell roams freely. The first two was small fry, a boar then a mantis. next a chicken rather a Basilisk that hatched from a chicken’s egg.

The guards finally figured out the other person with Buggy. Hancock meets Chief Warden Magellan, the poison man.

Everyone is now alerted by the discovery of Strawhat Luffy in Level 2 of Impel Down and Buggy freeing the prisoners. But after seeing what awaits them, the prisoners return to their cells except Mr. 3 from Baroque Works.

The news of Luffy’s infiltration of Impel Down has reached Admiral Sengoku at Marine HQ.

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