One Piece 428 | Fierce Attack of the Amigo Pirates

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While the rest of Luffy’s crew are losing for the 69th time to Robin on their game of cards, Luffy was busy trying to get free from the net created by the Amigo Pirates. Unfortunately, Zoro and Sanji also got caught and all three of them hanging helplessly on a tree branch. It turns out that the enemy’s devil from ability is to turn anything he ingest to a nets.

With the straw hats unable to do anything, the Amigo pirates turn to the citizens of Little East Blue to surrender the giant beetle. And just when Yoko was about to attack using a bamboo sword, the giant beetle shows up and charged the enemies. But the pirates proved to be too much even for Boss. When he realized the town was in danger, Boss decided to surrender himself. As he was about enter the cage, Luffy somehow got his arm loose and punched Boss out of the way.

Moved with the words Yoko spoken, the townspeople realized something, they love Boss and their island. They were interrupted by a glowing light coming from the forest. A moment later Boss transformed and using last of his strength he freed Luffy, Zoro and Sanji from their nets.

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