One Piece 430 | The Imprisoned Shichibukai! Jimbei, Boss of the Sea

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a lion or an old man?

After meeting Mr. Three, they were chased by Manticores, lions with human faces that keeps imitating human voices, in Level 2. Along the way Mr. Three learned Luffy’s insane idea to rescue his brother Ace and thought he could use him to distract the beast guarding the stairs.

Mr. Three leads them to the stairs where they bumped into the level 2 guard, Sphinx, a man-faced feathered lion. Sphinx keeps saying noodle types as it attacks. Hitting it in the head got it more upset. With Mr. Three’s candle ability, he created copies of himself to avoid getting hit. This turns to a game of whack a mole and causes the ground to collapse. They all fell to Level 3.

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In Level 5, one of the shichibukai or warlord of the sea was talking to Ace. Jimbei likes the Whitebeard pirates and spends a lot of time on their ship being a pirate who hates pirates. According to him, Fishman island is at peace because of Whitebeard.

After the Great Pirate Era began, Fishman island was thrown into chaos because of the human pirates and marines chasing after them. Countless mermaids and fishmen were sold. Just as everyone was in despair, Whitebeard appeared and claims the island as his own.

Jimbei is strongly against the war to start and wanted to save Ace, but most prisoners in their Level don’t share their sentiment and wanted to kill Whitebeard.

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