One Piece 431 | The Trap of Jailer Saldeath – Level 3 Starvation Hell

luffy caught in One Piece 431

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The guards found a big hole large enough for the sphinx to fall through. While they were busy looking down, they found themselves surrounded by prisoners who got out from their cages. Some of the guard learned that the intruder, Monkey D. Luffy and the top-security prisoner awaiting execution, Portgras D. Ace are brothers.

In Level 3, Luffy and his companions is woken up by the heat in a desert like place. They started walking trying to find the stairs while conserving their strength. A little later they found cages with half dead prisoners. Unknown to them, they were being watched and about to enter a trap.

Meanwhile in Level 2, the guards are finding it hard to control the rioting prisoners.

Back in Level 3, Luffy and the others found themselves back to where they started and a moment later found themselves caught in a giant net with the sphinx. Among the jailers and blugoris that surround them was Saldeath, the Head Guard.

While they were busy talking, the sphinx woke up and tore the net apart. Luffy found himself fighting the Blugoris alone while Mr. Three and Buggy escapes.

While catching their breath, they heard something from a distance. Someone was singing in this hell the okama way.

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