Shakugan no Shana S 01

what's this garbage?

what's this garbage?

On a hot afternoon Shana and Yuji were looking for a Hougu at Friagne’s old hideout. Yuji found a black telescope and look through it at Shana. The next thing they know, they switched bodies. It turns out that black telescope is Reshuffle, a Hougu that exchanges the minds of the one on either end of the viewing glass.

Because the place was pretty dark, Shana stored everything in sight and bring it out somewhere and search. Searching for a place where they can’t be bothered proved to be difficult on this day. So they ended up going to Yuji’s house instead, meeting Wilhelmina and others on the way. Eventually they got each others body back leaving Yuji with one upset stomach.

With the promise of destroying the Hougu, Alastor revealed its secret. They wouldn’t have switched if they weren’t that close.

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