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Bleach 247 | Deceived Shinigami! The World Collapse Crisis

Ichigo on Hollow form from Bleach 247

Ichigo on Hollow form

Ichigo arrived first at Yamamoto’s location while the other are still busy fighting. Muramasa shows himself before Ichigo and provokes him to use his full power. Meanwhile, the others are figuring out what their opponent is doing. The Zanpakutou were trying to delay and separate the shinigami from Ichigo. Muramasa wanted Ichigo’s ultimate attack combined with his own to create a huge explosion and break through Yamamoto’s barrier. After the barrier broke, Muramasa entered Yamamoto’s inner world and got what he wanted, to learn all the memories that sleep within Yamamoto Genryuusai. Muramasa revealed everything that leads to this moment. Muramasa also got Yamamoto’s Zanpakutou, Ryuujin Jakka.

Bleach 246 | Special Mission! Rescue Captain-Commander Yamamoto!

what's up guys? on Bleach 246

what's up guys?

Yoruichi told them the location of the Captain Commander and all decided to barge in agreeing that they can’t wait for the enemy to move first. They arrive at the cave and split into two groups. Kenpachi with Ukitake and Kyoraku behind him takes the front. Yoruichi and Ichigo takes another entrance.