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Bleach 250 | That Man, For the Sake of the Kuchiki

kouga bleach 250


Several hundred years back, the number of rebels are increasing in Soul Society. Kouga and Genrei Kuchiki are watching the battle happening below them. Unwilling to discuss and study the situation, Kouga joins the battle. Using his Zanpakutou Muramasa, he used his enemies’ Zanpakutou against them.

His name became famous among other shinigami after taking care of tens of rebels on his and being part of the Kuchiki house as a son-in-law. He continues to suppress the rebels but Genrei doesn’t seem to acknowledge what he’s doing.

Bleach 249 | Senbonzakura’s Bankai! Offense and Defense of the Living World

kouga's revival on Bleach 249

kouga's revival

Muramasa arrives at the real world and Kenpachi is fighting Tenken’s Bankai form.  Yuroichi plays with Haineko and Tobiume while trying to convince them that they were deceived by Muramasa. And the four captains trapped by Ryuujin Jakka is about to make their move.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Ishida and Sado confronts Muramasa. Just when Ishada and Sado pushed him in a dangerous situation, Senbonsakura arrives and blocks the attack. With Ishida occupied with Senbonsakura, Muramasa entered Sado’s inner world.

Bleach 247 | Deceived Shinigami! The World Collapse Crisis

Ichigo on Hollow form from Bleach 247

Ichigo on Hollow form

Ichigo arrived first at Yamamoto’s location while the other are still busy fighting. Muramasa shows himself before Ichigo and provokes him to use his full power. Meanwhile, the others are figuring out what their opponent is doing. The Zanpakutou were trying to delay and separate the shinigami from Ichigo. Muramasa wanted Ichigo’s ultimate attack combined with his own to create a huge explosion and break through Yamamoto’s barrier. After the barrier broke, Muramasa entered Yamamoto’s inner world and got what he wanted, to learn all the memories that sleep within Yamamoto Genryuusai. Muramasa revealed everything that leads to this moment. Muramasa also got Yamamoto’s Zanpakutou, Ryuujin Jakka.

Bleach 245 | Pursue Byakuya! The Confused Gotei Divisions

old man Genryusai all green from bleach 245

old man Genryusai all green

As Byakuya and Kenpachi continues fighting, Ashisogi Jizou crashes and interrupts the fighting spreading poison along the way. A battle of speed between Soifon and Suzumebachi is happening not so far away and is decided quickly with Soifon defeating her Zanpakutou. Angry for ruining his fight with Byakuya, Kenpachi was about to make him pay when Mayuri arrives and remotely destroys his Zanpakutou.

Byakuya arrives at some cave where Muramasa was waiting. And the location of Captain Commander is revealed.

Bleach 244 | The long awaited… Kenpachi appears!

is that the best pose you got? on Bleach 244

is that the best pose you got?

Good news! A new opening and ending. Bad news! Still not the main story. Kenpachi enters as Wabisuke’s about to cut Kira’s head off. Kenpachi then releases his massive reiatsu which looks like a nuke went off destroying everything around him and blowing everyone away. On some other part, Yumichika and his Zanpakutou continues to battle. Kenpachi, the battle hungry that he is, challenges Byakuya.

Bleach 242 | Shinigami and Zanpakutou, Total Sortie

bleach 242

taste my giant axe, baldy!

After Byakuya’s fight with Renji, other Zanpakutou arrives, second squad surrounds them and demands thier surrender. Of course, zanpakutous refused starting another battle. Highlights Ikaku’s battle with his Zanpakutou. Who do you think won?

Bleach 241 | For the Sake of Pride! Byakuya vs. Renji

bleach 241

this is what crossing swords looks like

After everyone found out Byakuya sided with the enemy, they all wanted to know his reason. Unfortunately Rukia’s Zanpakotou got the demonstration for his answer. He then got in a fight with Renji after ransacking his own place.